Stewardship Ministries

At Saint Jerome Parish, stewardship is using prudently the resources of the community to support pastoral initiatives and assist those in need. Stewardship is the building of relationships with those in need, using the gifts God has given us of time and money. The Stewardship Committee of Saint Jerome Parish consists of representatives from the parish community whose responsibilities include:

  • educating both the parish community and requestors on the policy and protocol for requesting and receiving stewardship;
  • reviewing each request received;
  • contacting the organization representative to discuss the request;
  • determining if the request supports the mission of Saint Jerome Parish; and
  • validating the initial request and following-up with the organization.

Who can ask for help?

Any organization within the Archdiocese of Boston needing financial support and any organization within Saint Jerome Parish who may need assistance with a specific project or problem may request help from our Stewardship Committee. There are three areas at Saint Jerome Parish, each representing different aspects of helping those in need among us.

General Stewardship represents generosity from the offertory collection each Sunday. Five percent of each offertory is set aside for groups requesting our support.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society provides assistance to families and individuals to help them meet their economic and temporal needs, always looking to help them create a more stable life.

The Saint Jerome Fund is the Pastor's discretionary fund for generosity in exceptional emergencies among individual and families.

For more information on our Stewardship Ministries, please contact the parish office at or 781-335-2038.


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