Music Ministry

Music ministers help lead the assembly in the sung worship of God. Our Adult Choir, open to singers high-school age and older, rehearses on Thursday evenings and sings for most 10:30 a.m. Sunday Masses. Our enthusiastic Children's Choir, for singers in grades 2-8, rehearses on Thursday afternoons and sings for Mass approximately once a month. Contact Julie Fay, Director of Music Ministries, for more information at All are welcome!

Altar Server

The Adult Altar Servers are a small group of adults who assist the celebrant at the 9:00 am Mass on weekdays and at funerals when needed.

Boys and girls from the fourth grade through high school are invited to join the Youth Altar Server ministry. Servers will assist the celebrant at Mass on the weekends, Holy Days, Weddings, and Funerals. They are trained to serve Mass with respect, and are assigned to a rotating schedule.

Eucharistic Ministers

Parishioners who are appointed and commissioned to assist in the distribution of Communion at weekday and Sunday Masses. Assignments to distribute Holy Communion at Sunday Mass usually occur about every third week. Coverage is also required for special Masses and on Holy Days. There are occasional meetings for evenings of recollection or workshops.
This ministry is filled by appointment to ensure proper spiritual example and guidance.

Flower Ministry

Volunteers who create a prayerful environment in the sanctuary to reflect changes in the liturgical seasons. This small group researches needed material and plans, designs, and sets up each liturgical display. The required talents include a strong back and an open, creative attitude.


Parish volunteers who warmly welcome parishioners as they enter the church for Mass.


Volunteers are appointed to proclaim the Word of God and lead the Prayers of the Faithful. Lectors are generally assigned for one Mass every other week and occasionally on Holy Days, Missions and other special occasions. Workbooks are provided to help understand the readings and prepare for Masses. 


Adults who take up the Sunday collection and distribute the weekly bulletins. Volunteers are welcome.

Daily Rosary

The rosary is recited every weekday starting at about 8:30 a.m. All are invited to attend and join in the group responses. Come and offer your prayers and petitions to God through Mary.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A group that, though not a parish organization, meets every Thursday at Saint Paula Hall at 7:30 p.m. in order to offer support to those dealing with the problems of alcohol addiction. All are welcome.

Fr. Bill's Place

Teams of interested people who buy, prepare, and serve an evening meal monthly at the Father Bill's homeless shelter in Quincy. Volunteers generally serve about twice a year.

Food Pantry

Canned and nonperishable food is collected each week on a shelf located at the front left of the church. The food is then taken to the Weymouth Food Pantry on Friday mornings for distribution to needy Weymouth families.

Hospital Ministry

On Sunday mornings in January, April, July and October, teams bring the Eucharist and prayers of Saint Jerome Parish to the patients at South Shore Hospital. This ministry is filled by appointment to provide confidentiality and proper spiritual example and guidance.

Collaborative Pastoral Council

This is a group of 10 - 12 parishioners, selected from both parishes in our Collaborative, which advises and assists the Pastor in planning and coordinating the direction and activities of our parishes. Each member is appointed by the pastor to a two-year term, which can be extended to a second two-year term. The Council meets monthly from September through June, addressing a number of Collaborative issues such as strategic planning, evaluation and coordination of ministries, goal setting, policy formation and parish special events. They assist the Finance Council with finances and development/ fundraising activities. This ministry is required by Vatican law to represent the laity within each parish.

Collaborative Finance Council

This is a group of 4-6 professionals selected from both parishes in our Collaborative to advise and assist the Pastor on financial and resource matters. Each is appointed to a three-year term which can be extended to a second three-year term. The group meets quarterly, with additional meetings as needed to address the annual parish and school budgets, risk management, financial strategic planning, capital renovations, repair and replacement issues and other related concerns. They work closely with the Buildings and Grounds Committee to assist in administering the physical resources of the Collaborative, and with the Collaborative Pastoral Council on policy and planning efforts.

Altar Society

This dedicated group maintains a neat and clean altar and sanctuary. Teams of two clean the altar and tabernacle areas as well as the remainder of the sanctuary, vestry, confessionals and baptistery each week. Each team is assigned approximately every six weeks. New members, who take pride in the sanctuary and the baptistery and love to work close to the Lord, are always welcome.

Buildings and Grounds

Charged with identifying and prioritizing problem areas and evaluating conditions for various buildings, equipment, and yard areas. Members provide time and talent for repairing and upgrading various equipment, interpreting existing engineering drawings, monitoring progress for completion of tasks and coordination with other parish ministries for buildings and grounds projects.

Offertory Counters

A group that counts the funds collected at Mass each week. Each group volunteers about once a month.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

A group of parishioners appointed to carry out the parish responsibility to financially assist the needy families and individuals in our area. The group meets several times a year, as needed.

Scout Program

Saint Jerome Parish has both an active Boy and Girl Scout program. The Cub Scout Pack 303 helps to develop boys from grades 1-5 into responsible adults, along with discovering the basis of their religious beliefs through a Religious Emblems Program. Several Girl Scout troops help to develop girls into caring and confident young women. There are many activities, such as working on badges, parades, field trips, crafts etc. Adult volunteers are always needed to help. Young boys and girls are encouraged to join.

Pro-Life Committee

A committee that fosters respect for life in its continuum from conception to natural death. Issues addressed include abortion, homelessness, poverty, cloning, suicide, and euthanasia. Membership is open to all who care about these issues. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday evening of each month.




For More Information

For more information about the ministries of Saint Jerome Parish, contact us or call 781-335-2038.

For the current Eucharistic Minister schedule, click here.

For the current Hospital Ministry schedule, click here.

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